Parlee Beach Motel owners and employees constantly strive to ensure that all our customers enjoy their stay in both our establishment and the community. Our family-oriented facility has long been known for its cleanliness and excellent service.

Although we would like to fulfill every client’s needs, we are sometime compelled to implements certain restrictive policies to accommodate the majority of our clientele.

Pet policy

Sorry, no pets of any kind are allowed on the motel premises.

Smoking Policy

All of our rooms and buildings are Non-Smoking and or Vaping. The smoking of Cannabis is not allowed on the motel premises.

Seafood Consumption

In order to avoid any seafood allergy complication, seafood is not allowed in any buildings. We encourage seafood lovers to enjoy this delicacy in Parlee Beach Provincial Park located across the street from the motel or in a area pre-approved by our management.

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