Standard and Small Rooms

All our Standard & Small rooms included a private washroom and are equipped with Air Condition, Cable TV, Compact Fridge, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Hairdryers and Clock Radio.

Free WI-FI and Internet

Although our establishment pays for the highest internet speed available to us, the actual speed and bandwidth received by our clients is heavily dependent on the amount of high definition downloads each customer decides to use on their multiple electronic devices. As our in-room internet capacity is designed for regular data usage on a moderate number of electronic devices per room, we are unable to guarantee high speed downloads in every room.

In order for clients to have acceptable internet access, we suggest that guests wanting faster download speeds, do it within the immediate location of the lobby, dining area and exterior patio located outside the lobby entrance, where the download speed is stronger.


Our kitchenettes include some kitchen cabinets, dishes, medium capacity fridge, microwave, and 2 induction plates.

Full Kitchen

Our full Kitchens includes a complete set of kitchen cabinets, dishes, full size stove, & refrigerator including a microwave.

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